Enabling, Connecting and Providing a suitable online Environment for a Supplier and customer to do business. This includes Making easy way for a supplier to market, Sell and improved way of operating with their brands to reach the targeted customers without any Limitations.


At Vukaboda a supplier means a lot, therefore if a supplier can not do anything online or has limited tools for online business therefore Vukaboda can do all the things on behalf, relevant charges may be applied based on the agreements.

This will work for only the supplier who want their shop names or company to be shown on Vukaboda.com as a seller (Shop owner). And the supplier duties will be only to provide current stock of the Goods and Price notification by communicating with Vukaboda Staff Representative.

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Vukaboda aim to provide a suitable and better environment for everyone to do business online without any limitations. (Anytime, Anywhere).

Anywhere Anytime

Use Our Platfom to shop or sell online at anytime using your preferred device Mobile or laptops

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