VukaBoda Limited strives for product & service invention, excellence, and long-term thinking based on technology and Society activities. Our passion for product development, customer reviews, and happiness has pioneered us to work and introduces these brands which operated under VukaBoda – Zenumart, VUKaXpress, OgamFresh, and Mevotel all striving to deliver tailored services as demanded by the customer and other entities. A team of workers to deliver and earn customer expectations has been a key spot for us to start this company and guideline of everyday approach.


“To be a reason for better lives while helping people to find their match on the product & services offered or created by our company.” For us, It means working together as a team to create and develop an opportunity that provides a sustainable future, clean environments and to bring the community together while saving much on their earnings.


“To be a venue on earth where people will expect more.” Being a venue means customers will get all at once and that is Quality products, Excellent services, Competitive prices, and Prompt delivery.


We understand that for a business to last, it must have a fundamental reason for being – which is found in the value it creates not only for shareholders but for the world. That’s why we have been collaborating with others to drive positive impact across global supply chains. Our focus on climate change, nature, waste, and people in supply chains has strengthened our company and communities in measurable ways.